78 Dodge Challenger Dirt Track Project

I had been wondering what I was going to do with all these spare Arrow parts  that I had collected over the years. Well I  thought I had the perfect solution when I came across  an old dirt track car on Craigslist.  I took a quick trip to South Carolina and pulled this 78 Dodge Challenger out of the weeds.  Seems that two guys purchased it about five years ago with the intention of running a few laps. Well the engine had issues and they never got to take it for a spin.

So I hauled it back to the race shop and the fun started. 

My goal was to put it on the track for less than $1500 and I can say that I am accomplishing that part of it, but the hours, that is another issue. I must say it has been fun  and I think you will appreciate  all the hard work on this Mitsubishi classic.

Pictures after I cleaned the car and before I started the restoration..... or the MADNESS
I was able to remove 300lbs from the car!  The goal is to run a 2.0 rather than the 2.6 that came with it. The car has to weigh  2000 with the 2.0 or 2550 with the 2.6. 

New and used sheet metal except front fenders are from a Plymouth Fire Arrow. I used a big break to match the body lines. 
We are getting there!
All new suspension/brakes
Engine installation
Stock Exhaust
Stock Intake with Weber carb/Redline base
Holley Carb 1" spacer plate
Adapter modified to accept Holley 350
This project would not have been possible without the help and advice of the guys from Mitch Coble Racing.  This race car is unique. It has been assembled with parts from Kevin Harvick Racing, Richard Childress Racing, nose piece from
Austin Dillions Dirt track Car, former Legend  Championship Car, Mitch Coble's Late Model dirt and asphalt track cars and SCCA champion ITB Fire Arrow. So it should be a winner if the driver can drive and keep away from all the carnage.

Note- No cost means I already had the parts or some came with the purchase of the car. Most of the parts came from the collection of Plymouth Arrow parts that I acquired several years ago.

Purchase of Car $500.00
Rear Suspension-
New wheel bearings (no cost)
New oil seals (no cost)
4.54 diff wielded (no cost)
Extra long wheel studs on front and rear (no cost)
New 10” rear 175 lb springs ($90.00)
2 New Gabriel shocks ($25.00 Ebay)
New rotors and rebuilt brake calipers, brake pads (no cost)
Solid and urethane suspension bushings (no cost)
Front Suspension-
New tie rods, pitman arm, ball joints ($100.00)
1 new KYB strut ($50.00 Ebay)
Urathane strut bar bushings (no cost)
New rotors, rebuilt calipers, Brake pads (no cost)
New universal joints (no cost)
Front springs (no cost)
Spring perches (no cost)
Extra roll bar tubing- ($20)
Additional wielding  ($75)
Paint and supplies ($35)
Racing Seat ( no cost)
Safety belts (no cost)
Window net and hardware (no cost)
Wink Mirror (no cost)
New sheet metal ($100)
Fasteners ($30)
Battery (no cost)
Battery cables (no cost)
Fuel Pump (no cost)
Cut off switch (no cost)
Steering Wheel (came with car)
Battery box (came with car)
Brake lines from Arrow
Engine ( no cost)
Transmission ( 4 speed rebuilt) (no cost)
Holley 350 carb ($250)
Tach ($50)
Oil/ Water gauges ($40)
Switch panel $25.00
Roll bar padding ($20)
Oil and filter ( no cost Auto zone)
Air breather (no cost)
Starter (no cost)
Exhaust pipe  (no cost)
Radiator ( no cost)
Rims (4)  ($140)
Misc items (fluids, ect) ($50)
Hood pins ($20)

Totals to date $1480.00

TOTAL Estimated  MAN HOURS  TO DATE --- 500 (Feb 11,2012)

Car --COMPLETED!!!!!---Lettered and headed to first practice..