1978 Dodge Challenger Asphalt/Dirt Track Project. 2012/2013

I have been described as the "Old Race Car Rescuer".  Yes, I have found another Mitsubishi/Challenger that was headed to the crusher.

The history: This car was built around ten years ago to run on asphalt. According to the previous owner it took around 2 years to complete the project. No expense was spared and it was built with saftey in mind. The tubing is chrome molly and was built on NASCAR specs. Apparently the owner built the car for his son to run on asphalt. After several races, in which the car was very competive, the son decided that he did not like asphalt racing. He said that it was "too predictable" and they decided to run the car on dirt. But that was short lived and the car was parked and another project was started for dirt racing. 

I discovered the car through a racing contact in which he said the car was for sale. Of course, I made a quick call and got the skinny on the car. A few days later I made a trip to Mooresville NC to look at the car. It was sitting on a farm out in the pasture. I am not sure how long it had been out there but I knew it was a good car and I worked out a deal.

The car is now in my  shop and I have started to bring it back to life. Not sure if I am going to run it on asphalt or dirt. But I am leaning towards dirt at the moment.


New brake lines, tie rods, ball  joints and solid 
lower control arm bushings.  A little ceramic paint for details.
Project Completed--Ready to RACE......................
Another Go Around-
​This car was sold to a friend and he decided to go another direction in car selection. So I bought it back and started all over again. So here is the pics of the process:
2015 Project
This car has been sold to a musem.