1989 Suzuki Swift GTI


I built this car for my son as his first car in high school. Having  grown tired of climbing over the rollbars to get in or out we sold the car.

Modifications and specs:  114,000 miles

1.3  16 valve, 10:1 pistons (stock) 
EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) 
4 wheel disc brakes
Five speed transmission with new cluch  
Modified suspension, solid bushings in the front
Solid motor mounts
New water pump and timing belt
Removable steering wheel 
New Tires
Racing seats and harnesses 
Custom interior
Modified ECU- Suzuki Sport with no rev limiter 
Modified shocks in back 
Springs have been cut
Rear Struts modified for more camber 
Bolt in roll cage that has been wielded solid